Finestre sull’Arte (“Windows on Art”) is the first Italian podcast for the History of art. The website, created by an idea of Federico Giannini and Ilaria Baratta and thought with the only aim to diffuse the knowledge of the History of art, suggests to all the visitors a new way for approaching to art.

To discover the italian beauties, to know the attractions which Italy can offer, to search cues for a visit in the country of Dante and Leonardo da Vinci: with the page “Walking through Italy”, thought for a non-Italian public, Ilaria Baratta will make you discover the best marvels of Italy through the artists we deal with in the podcast.

The Web Site
The name Finestre sull’Arte, thought by Ilaria Baratta, wants to highlight the main characteristic of the website: the presence of a lot of windows (i.e. the episodes of our programme) through which the visitor can sight and discover the History of art.

We believe that the protection of the rich Italian artistic heritage should get through its knowledge too, and as internet places enormous potentialities at our disposal, we have thought to give to the public a new and dynamic product.

Now our MP3 podcast are available only in Italian, but for the visitors who do not understand the Italian language we have created the page Walking through Italy. With this page, Finestre sull’Arte wants to show to the non-Italian public the beauties of Italy through the artists we deal with. With Walking through Italy we want to suggest a new way to discover Italy: a lot of ways to show to our foreign visitors a conscious, careful of culture, non-standardized and non-consumer tourism, in order that your visit in Italy can be a unique experience and an unforgettable memory.

Our purpose is not indeed to exhaust the visitor’s interest in the artists, in the works of art and in the beauties of our country with our website: we want to incite our visitors into studying what they find in it in depth and above all to see live the works we deal with and the beauties we describe.

After this brief presentation, we let you go to discover Finestre sull’Arte. Good browsing!